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Justin HanfordHow does Accounts Payables Voucher Team support Carolina’s mission?

The University has established itself as a world leader in research and academics and we must maintain great relationships with our business partners in order to continue down this road of excellence.  The most important step in maintaining these relationships is making sure we are properly paying these businesses/individuals.  When I first started at UNC Accounts Payable, we had a motto, “The check is in the mail.”  As simplistic as that might be, it is what we strive to achieve in the most efficient and proper a manner as possible.  The voucher team is a great diverse group of individuals working together to ensure our University’s partners and suppliers are paid in this manner.  We have created special and unique relationships throughout the University that allow us to address any and all needs of our campus customers and vendors alike. It is this team’s efforts that keeps the wheels of this University in motion so that it may continue to excel in being one of the world’s great research universities. Oh, and in regard to that old motto, we now of course prefer ACH!

What’s a typical day like in your job?

Previously, my role was solely purchase order (P.O.) focused, but since becoming the voucher team supervisor, I have been steadily immersing myself into the campus voucher side as well. On a typical day, I will review all campus vouchers over $5K, create P.O. vouchers, handle any special requests/situations, and address a variety of concerns from campus as well as from my own team. As time allows, I learn and review policy or any other aspect of my job that may affect my team’s production or quality of work.

What is your personal history with Carolina?

Like many who grew up in the Triangle, I have been a UNC fan since I was little and have been a direct part of the UNC community since 1997. I completed my undergraduate degree at UNC in 2001 and worked a temp assignment in Admissions department for a year, before finding a permanent role in Accounts Payable where I have been since 2002.

What do you like most about your work?

I appreciate that every day is a different day. Though the vouchers are a never-ending constant, there is so much variety and so many moving parts that each week presents something new.

What is something people don’t know about you? 

I own about 2000 CDs, a couple hundred records, countless mp3s, and I have seen over 800 different bands. Needless to say, I enjoy music. And yet, I still can’t get my three-year-old to listen to anything but nursery rhymes and Disney.

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