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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support
Date: August 2, 2018

2018 Bonus Leave

The Current Operations Appropriations Act of 2018 granted permanent EHRA and SHRA employees who are active on July 1, 2018 a one-time award of five days, 40 hours, prorated for part-time employees with 50% or greater FTE.  The hours were loaded into TIM last night, Wednesday, August 1, under the name “Bonus 2018 No Payout.”  Biweekly timecards have been signed off through Sunday, July 22, so leave hours taken on earlier dates in July to be charged to this accrual, will need be entered as historical corrections by an authorized TIM Administrator.  Bonus 2018 No Payout hours will be effective in TIM as of July 1, 2018.

Historical Corrections

After the TIM update last weekend, you are not prompted to Include in Totals when saving a historical correction.  Please review the updated instructions in the Historical Corrections CBT or section in the TIM Administrators manual.  You will not need to adjust leave hours changed to Bonus 2018 Taken on the HC Accrual Adj tab.  You will only need to adjust hours if you are updating an accrual balance.  New and Updated TIM Training CBTs and Manuals have been posted online.

The leave will remain available during the length of the employee’s employment, and has no cash value and cannot be paid out at the end of employment or applied to Total State Service.

As you know, each December 31, amounts in excess of 30 days (240 hours) of vacation leave are transferred to each employee’s sick leave accrual. According to the Act, if an employee uses any Special Annual Leave Bonus during the year, that amount of Special Annual Leave Bonus will be deducted from the amount of vacation leave that would ordinarily be transferred. This requirement means that the calculation of vacation leave days that would normally convert to sick leave must reflect a deduction of those days of Special Annual Leave Bonus that were used by the employee during the year.

Bonus 2018 Hyperfind

We are currently developing a Hyperfind for TIM Administrators to identify employees who have accrued 240 vacation hours and who have used any Bonus 2018 No Payout in a given year.  This Hyperfind will assist with monitoring and informing employees of their usage, and for making any requested corrections in TIM at the end of the calendar year prior to the rollover of vacation leave in excess of 240 hours to sick leave.  We will let you know when this Hyperfind is available.

Employees on Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

Employees on LWOP, other than workers’ compensation and military leave for reserve active duty, are eligible to receive the Special Annual Leave Bonus when they return to work based on their appointment type at the time of LWOP.  These hours can be granted to the employee in TIM when they return using a historical correction.


For policy-related questions, please contact your department’s designated HR Representative or assigned Leave Consultant in the Office of Human Resources.  For TIM technical or data issues, you will need to call 919-962-HELP (4357).  TIM ‘how to’ questions can be emailed to

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