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To: University Employees
From: Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services

Each time you are paid, you receive a direct deposit paystub which provides a statement of your earnings and deductions for that pay period. It has been three years since the implementation of ConnectCarolina, and the time is right to take advantage of system features that will give you more useful information in the paystub (also called an “advice”).
Beginning in October, your paystub will have a new look that provides more information about earnings and deductions, which are frequently requested by employees like you. Here is what to expect with the new-look paystub:

  • Nothing about your pay is changing – only the way the paystub looks.
  • The new paystub will include the information on the current paystub, plus several updates and some additional information:
    • Hours and Earnings – All additional pay beyond base pay will be listed on the paystub. SHRA Non-exempt (hourly) employees will see their hours itemized.
    • Employer-paid benefits – All employer-paid benefits will be listed on the paystub. This new section shows what the employer pays on the employee’s behalf, for example, for employer health care and retirement contributions. Also in this section are taxable fringe benefits such as employee gifts, prizes and awards, and taxable stipends and allowances.
    • Federal taxable gross – In addition to Total Gross, this section shows your Federal Taxable Gross income, and the year-end total will match box 1 on your W-2.
    • Leave data – This section will include the date the leave is valid through, so that it is easier for you to determine how much leave you have earned and used that year. As always, TIM is the data system of record for leave and should be accessed when questions arise.
  • The display location and format of most items on the paystub will be different. The information is accurate but will have a different look.
  • A preview of the paystub, an explanation of changes, a paystub changes poster and a continually updated list of frequently asked questions is available online at
  • Paystubs issued in October will be in the new format (Oct. 13 and Oct. 27 for biweekly pay dates, and Oct. 31 for monthly pay dates).

This memorandum is provided so that you will have advance notice of the new look for your paystub beginning next month. The webpage provides a preview and explanation of the changes to the paystub. You can also ask your School/Division HR Office for more information or contact Thank you.

This message is sponsored by: Payroll Services

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