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To: University Business Managers, MOU Financial Leads, Finance Staff

From:ConnectCarolina Team

Re: ConnectCarolina Scheduled System Maintenance October 28th – 30th

ConnectCarolina is scheduled for an important required system upgrade during the last weekend of October 2016 and will not be available during that time.  You will not be able to sign in to ConnectCarolina during these times:

5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 28 through 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 31

Applications affected include ConnectCarolina for Student Administration, Finance, HR/Payroll administrative and self-service applications.

Self-Service Functions

  • Faculty, staff and student employees will not be able to use the Self-Service functions such as View Paycheck during the outage.
  • The TIM system will be available, but users will not be able to access it via the link to TIM at the top of the Self Service menu in ConnectCarolina. For employees and managers who access the link to TIM in ConnectCarolina, you will go to  during the outage.

ePro Ordering

Please note that ePro orders cannot be placed or modified during this outage since they are part of the ConnectCarolina Finance system.

Special Note for Airgas Orders:  During the outage, if you need to place an Airgas order, you will need to contact Airgas directly by email or by calling 919-544-3772 ext 311 (Teresa) or ext 312 (Joe).

Related Systems That Will Be Affected

  • Reporting
    • InfoPorte and SAS Visual Analytics reports will be available with data up through 5:00pm Thursday, October 27 and will not be refreshed until the morning of October 31.
    • A few SAS reports run against the ConnectCarolina reporting environment; these reports will NOT be available over the weekend of October 28-31.
    • ConnectCarolina RPT reporting environment will not be available from 5:00pm on Friday, October 28 until Tuesday, November 1.
  • HR Systems
    • Companion systems such as PeopleAdmin, LawLogix and BenefitsFocus will be available, but they will not be able to pull from or send information to ConnectCarolina until the upgrade is complete.
      • Position creations and updates not approved and executed in ConnectCarolina by noon on Friday, October 28 will not be available in PeopleAdmin until Monday, October 31.
      • New hires, terminations and department changes not approved and executed in ConnectCarolina by 5:00pm on Thursday, October 27 will not be available in LawLogix until Monday, October 31.
      • New hires and terminations not approved and executed in ConnectCarolina by 5:00pm on Thursday, October 27 will not be available in BenefitsFocus until Monday, October 31.
  • Finance Systems
    • These companion systems will not be available during the outage:
      • Web Travel
      • P-Card
      • Unit Accounting System (UAS)
      • Vendor Invoice Submission Page (VISP)
      • Customer Billing Management (CBM) and Bill Presentation
  • Student Administration Systems
    • These companion systems will not be available during the outage:
      • UNC Online Applications for admissions (Summer School, Nursing, Part-time Studies, etc.)
      • TouchNet (students and third party proxies cannot pay bills; applicants cannot pay enrollment deposits)
      • Third Party Process Creation and Access
  • Student Actions
    • Students will not be able to access or use ConnectCarolina during this outage for any student action such as viewing your class schedule or updating personal information.
  • Onyen and Personal Data Management Systems
    • The following Onyen and Personal Data Management systems will be unavailable during this outage:
      • Onyen and Guest ID creation
      • Emergency Contact updates
      • Alert Carolina updates
      • Online Directory updates
  • Other Systems
    • The following systems are not available during this outage:
      • Affiliate Request
      • PID Create
      • PID Inquiry (including What’s My PID?)
      • Friday Center Applications (CPPSReg, PDEPReg, CEU, FCCPS)

Changes you may see after the outage

Although this upgrade is important, most of the changes from this upgrade are behind-the-scenes. One change you’ll notice is that the Home, Worklist, Add To Favorites and Sign out links will be at the top right corner of the screen.  If you work in the HR WorkCenter, you’ll notice changes to where some of the buttons are placed on ePARs, as well as how some of the buttons work.  We’ll keep you updated about the changes.


Help Desk: 919-962-HELP or

For details on ConnectCarolina outages, please go to

Why are we doing this?

This upgrade is required to update a behind-the-scenes tool that supports ConnectCarolina. This is an important step in getting ready to provide new ConnectCarolina capabilities and bug fixes and to improve application security.

We appreciate your cooperation during this important system upgrade.

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