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To:    University Business Managers, MOU Leads

From: David Blakemore, Director, Financial Reporting & Management Services

Date: April 21, 2015

Each year a financial audit of the University is conducted by the NC Office of the State Auditor.  The state auditors are now on-site and have begun their work as part of the audit of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015.

Although the Controller’s Office serves as a central contact point for the financial audit and interacts extensively with the state audit staff, there are occasions when state audit staff members contact campus departmental staff directly.

My purpose is to provide notice that as part of their regularly-scheduled audit work, a state auditor staff member may contact you or a member of your campus unit.  The state auditors may inquire about departmental processes to gain a better understanding of University internal controls, or may request information from you as part of their regular audit.

These contacts are routinely made each year, but hopefully this advance notice will be useful.  Should you have any questions, you should contact my office at 919-843-2694.  Thanks.

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