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To:     University Business Managers
MOU Leads
HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

From: UNC Payroll Services

Date:  February 10, 2015

Last week, we alerted MOU Leads, HR Officers and affected employees of 6,000 incorrect W-2 statements distributed on Jan. 30 (refer to the email below). There was an inadvertent error in the imputed income for after-tax group term life insurance. For this reason, corrected 2014 W-2s for ACTIVE employees and TERMINATED employees have been reprinted and are being redistributed.

Corrected 2014 W-2s for ACTIVE employees will be available for pickup by the school/department’s designated staff member on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015, (7:30 am to 4:30 pm). Please make arrangements to pick up W-2s in Payroll Services, Suite 3600, Administrative Office Building, 104 Airport Drive, and distribute to your affected active employees.

  • All departments reporting to the College of Arts and Sciences should pick up these W-2s from the Dean’s Office, Suite 205, South Building.
  • School of Medicine Units should pick up your W-2s from SOM Human Resources.           

Corrected 2014 W-2s for affected TERMINATED employees will be mailed to the last known home address as recorded on their direct deposit stub/check by February 11, 2015.

We appreciate your understanding and assistance in helping get the corrected W-2s distributed.

From: Kelly-Scholle, Janet
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2015 6:10 PM
To: Connect Carolina MOU
Cc: Arnold, Becky; Smith, Brian T
Subject: Notice of issues with some W-2 statements

To:         MOU Leads

From:    Janet Kelly-Scholle, Finance Communications and Training

We wanted to let you know that Payroll Services has found that approximately 6,000 employees (both current and terminated) received incorrect W-2 statements last week. There was an inadvertent error in the imputed income for after-tax group term life insurance. Affected employees are being notified individually via email tonight using the message text below, and  school/division HR Officers are also being notified.

If you have questions about this message, please let me know, or contact Payroll directly.

Dear Colleague:

Subject:  Issue with your W-2 statement

This email is to provide notice that the W-2 you received on Jan. 30, 2015, has an error in box 12.

Payroll Services identified an error to box 12, code c, which represents the taxable cost of group term life insurance over $50,000, also referred to as “imputed income.”  The after-tax group term life deduction records were combined with imputed income, and therefore the reported amount for box 12, code c, is overstated by the amount of your after-tax group term life deduction. Unfortunately, your W-2 statement was one of those affected.

This has NO impact on the taxable income reported on your W-2 in boxes 1 and 16.

We are taking corrective actions to reissue your W-2 and are making arrangements to have the corrected W-2 available the week of Feb. 9. When you receive the corrected W-2 from your HR Officer, please use it for your 2014 tax filing and discard the version you received last week.  If you have already filed your 2014 taxes, you will not need to refile with the reissued W-2.

I apologize for this inconvenience to you. Should you have questions, please feel free to contact me at or

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