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To: University Business Managers,
Procurement card (P-Card) holders and reconcilers

From: Martha Pendergrass, Director of Procurement Services

Date: February 17, 2012

A third role has now been added to the P-card system based on feedback received from departments. The new role is the “operator/coder” role. Use of the “operator/coder” role is *optional* and a business decision for each department. This role will allow the department to designate an “operator/coder” to enter commodity code information *only*. The guidelines for establishing this role in your departments are as follows.

An operator/coder:

  • may not be any of the other roles (cardholder or reconciler)
  • must have a FACS ID (aka RACF ID)
  • is linked only to the department they are entering transaction details for

This is a three step process:

  1. If the operator does not have a FACS ID, the department’s FACS coordinator must assign them one within the FRS mainframe system.
  2. The department’s FACS Coordinator submits a Consolidated Financial Systems Access Request Form (new version viewable here) to the Financial Security Access (FSA) Coordinator.
  3. The Financial Security Access (FSA) Coordinator routes the form to the P-card Administrator, who will designate the individual as an operator/coder in the P-card system, and contact the operator/coder once this process is completed.

Please note: This access is not instantaneous as it involves three different processes to receive access requested. Please plan accordingly, and remember the FRS mainframe data only refreshes overnight.

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