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To: TIM Administrators
Date: November 19, 2009
Subject: Year End Information

Negative Vacation and Sick Balances at Year End

A negative vacation or sick leave balance cannot be carried over from one calendar year to the next; it must be deducted from the employee’s last paycheck of the calendar year or as soon after as allowable.

Year End Payback for SPA Employees: All departments will process the payback through TIM and will not submit a dock in pay.

Year End Payback for EPA Employees: All departments will process the year end procedure in TIM and will also submit a dock in pay. Because hours are not extracted from TIM to Payroll for EPA Employees, this procedure will only update the employee’s leave balances in TIM.

The ‘Using the Accrual Reporting Period Genie’ document provides detailed information on how to review employees’ accrual balances in TIM and is attached to this communication.

The ‘Negative Year End Leave Instructions’ document provides step by step instructions on how to payback negative balances in TIM and is attached to this communication.

Year End Sign Off Schedule

Employee Type & Sign Off Due Date
SPA Employees: Tuesday, January 5, 2009
EPA Employees: Monday, January 25, 2009

All 2009 leave taken must be made effective as of a date in 2009 before the Sign Off Due Dates shown above. Sign off will be applied to timecards that have not been signed off by the due date.

Vacation Rollover Schedule

Vacation rollover to Sick will occur automatically in TIM on January 1, 2010 for Full Time and Part Time employees with 50%, 75%, and 80% FTE. FTE percentages are imported into TIM from the HR systems.

Employee Type & Vacation Balance Limits
Full Time 100%: 240
Part Time 50%: 120
Part Time 75%: 180
Part Time 80%: 192
All other Part Time %: Manual Adjustment based on Actual FTE %

Example: For part time permanent employees whose FTE percentage is 65%, the roll over limit is calculated as 240 hours x 65% = 156 hours. Therefore, the prorated Vacation Balance Limit is 156 hours and all excess Vacation hours over the 156 limit must be moved to the Sick Bank. The TIM Administrator must move the amount of hours over 156 from Vacation to Sick effective January 1, 2010. This will leave the prorated limit of 156 hours in Vacation.

Negative Year End Leave – instructions for TIM Administratiors.

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