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To:    Human Resources Facilitators
University Business Managers

From: Dennis Press
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller

Re: Reminder about Paycheck Distribution Change Effective July 1, 2008

Date: June 30, 2008

I write to remind you about the change in our E-Pay processing effective beginning in fiscal year 2008-09 for the Biweekly and Monthly payrolls. The paycheck distribution process will change beginning with Biweekly 01 for the pay period ending July 6 and paid on July 18. Beginning with Biweekly 01, employees will receive their pay by direct deposit or in the case of employees who have not signed up or do not sign up for direct deposit, through the US mail sent to their home address. Paychecks for these employees will be mailed out on pay day and due to the unpredictability of the mail, pay checks sent to home addresses may be received up to several days later than employees who have direct deposit.

The only checks which will be printed for distribution by the Human Resources Facilitators will be the first paycheck for new employees in order to provide time for the Employment Eligibility Verification process or the final check for all terminating employees. These checks will be available to the Human Resources Facilitators at Payroll Services in Suite 3600, Administrative Office Building between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on scheduled paydays. The paycheck distribution process is not changing until the biweekly payroll paid on July 18.

Review of your departmental online check register (01 report) each pay period will enable you to determine if any checks need to be picked up at the Payroll Services Office. The online check register is available the day after payroll is run for both monthly and biweekly. The last column on the report is the check number column. If the word DIRECT is displayed, the employee is on direct deposit. If the employee is not on direct deposit, the check number will display. Please share this reminder with all employees in your department who have not signed up for  direct deposit and ask them to verify that the mailing address listed on their paycheck is correct.

We have been encouraging ALL employees to sign up for direct deposit. The University has made arrangements for no cost bank accounts to be established at a local bank if an employee needs one. The University has committed to achieve efficiencies in its payroll processing by converting to a fully electronic process (paychecks and paystubs). This action meets the University’s commitment to efficiency improvement under the PACE Program. Please encourage any employees who have not signed up for direct deposit to do so.  More information about E-Pay can be found on the Payroll Services web site.

Thank you for you assistance.

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