Purchasing Services provides supply management support to University departments, with responsibility for the procurement of goods and services in excess of $350 million annually.  For purchases over $5000 and equipment trades and transfers, see also Procurement Services Operations.

How to Purchase at UNC-Chapel Hill

Goods and Services can be purchased using one of the following methods:

All goods and services are to be procured using the University’s procurement systems: eProcurement, University Storeroom, or directly from the vendor using a Campus Voucher, Purchasing Card or a Requisition. For complete information on all university’s purchasing methods, see Policy 1218.

For the Purchase of Goods and Services Less Than $5,000:

For items from the Mini Storeroom (bulk paper orders), Dental Storeroom, Airgas National Welders (dry ice orders) or gas fleet cards, see Logistics.

For creating vendors, see Policies 1211 through 1218 for vendor management guidelines and procedures.

For more information on vendor relations, see Disbursement Services’ Vendor Management page.

For information on University Storerooms, including the Mini Storeroom and Dental Storeroom, see Logistics.