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From: Wyrick, Beverly
To: UNC Dept. Business Managers

Please note:

Students who are completely remote and only attending classes via online do not have to take an action to waive out of the mandatory insurance plan. 100% remote students are not required to participate in the mandatory health insurance plan and are therefore not required to waive.

The premium will be added to all University student accounts and will be automatically removed for 100% Remote and Carolina Away learners at the end of September.  If they want to remove the premium from their University student account before then, they can go to the www.studentbluenc.com website to waive out.

See Campus Health for more details and information.

Addendum sent 8/20:

Fully remote students are still eligible to participate in the student blue (mandatory) health insurance plan. Campus Health will check before removing the premium from their student account to make sure the student actively enrolled themselves.  They will not cancel a student’s insurance if the student chose to enroll.

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