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To: Business Managers, Student Services Managers, RASG, Res_Info, HR Reps listservs, Executive Assistants

From: ConnectCarolina Team

ConnectCarolina’s new look has been live for just over two weeks now, and overall, we’ve received positive feedback about the new look and functionality.  We want to share the top three things you may find useful when working in ConnectCarolina, and we hope that you’ll share this message with others in your departments and any students that you may work with.

  1. If the system is acting “glitchy” and you’re getting strange error messages, try clearing your browser’s cache, closing your browser, and then logging in again.  Your web browser may have saved old pages of ConnectCarolina and is trying to pull those pages instead of the new ones.  Most glitches have been resolved simply by clearing cache.  For instructions on how to clear your browser’s cache, go to:
  2. You have multiple home pages, based on your role at the University.  For example, all employees have a Self Service home page and anyone who uses ConnectCarolina to do their job has the Admin WorkCenter home page.  You can switch between home pages using the white arrow in the top center of the home page you see when you log in. You can also change which home page you see first. For more information on home pages and how to use them, go to:
  3. If you’re experiencing any issues in ConnectCarolina, it’s best to call (919) 962-HELP or submit a help request online at  The staff at the Business Systems Help Desk and the ITS Service Desk are ready to help you get logged in and using ConnectCarolina without issues.

We’ve posted resources on the ConnectCarolina Makeover page on the website, including online training, ConnectCarolina 101, and a list of changes that were made in the Finance, HR, and Student Administration areas of ConnectCarolina.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word about the new look for ConnectCarolina.  As always, if you have any general questions or feedback about ConnectCarolina, you can send them to

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