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TO:  Division of Finance and Operations Staff

FROM:  Melanie Wright, Accounting Director, Finance and Operations Service Center of Excellence

Starting today, the Finance and Operations Service Center of Excellence is rolling out two new updates to current finance services that will help ensure proper documentation, systematize and streamline processes, and facilitate consistency and clarity with finance submissions and requests.

Travel Requests.  We are excited to release a new, more customized and easy-to-read travel form to our customers. The revised form, available on the SCE Finance Service Offerings page under the Travel Expense Authorization and Reimbursement accordion, provides for greater clarity through more accurate detail of estimated costs for pre-travel authorization; captures and presents detailed information for post-travel expense reimbursement; provides drop-down tabs with information on the form; and includes line-by-line instructions and helpful links and travel checklists. A webinar is available  to help users navigate the new form.

In addition to the webinar, two in-person demonstrations and Q&A sessions will be held. Click to register for the 11 a.m. to noon session on Friday, May 10, or for the 11 a.m. to noon session on Thursday, May 16.  Both will be presented at the Eno Conference Room at the Service Center of Excellence, 400 Roberson Street, Carrboro.

New Suppliers (Vendors) Processes. When creating a new supplier, Finance and Operations customers will now click on the “Suppliers” accordion on the SCE Finance Service Offerings page to locate the forms needed. Once the forms are complete, customers will submit their information by clicking on the “Request Service” button in the accordion area and will upload the supporting documentation with the service request. If any additional documentation is needed, SCE staff will communicate directly with the vendor before closing the ticket.


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