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To: University Business Managers, HR Officers and Secondary Contacts, Res_Info Listserv
From: Chuck Sockell, Associate Director of Auxiliary Services

The 2019 UNC Employee Calendars distributed during Employee Appreciation Day and to University offices between Oct. 19 and Oct. 26 have some incorrect biweekly and monthly pay dates. The UNC Print Stop regrets this error and has produced corrected calendars.

New calendars with corrected information are available at the UNC Print Stop, located on the third floor of UNC Student Stores, or you may contact our office at 919-962-7016 to have them delivered to your building. The new calendars have the words “Revised, 11/15/2018” at the bottom.  Please recycle 2019 calendars that do not have this text since they are incorrect.

Please share this information with staff so they can ensure they have an accurate copy of the calendar.

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