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To: MOU Financial Leads, Business Managers, RASG List, Res_Info List, HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

We are excited to announce that we will begin rolling out a new Faculty Portal that combines the teaching and research information faculty members use most onto the first page they see in ConnectCarolina.  On one page, faculty members can see:

  • their teaching schedules (which means fewer clicks to print class rosters, email students, create academic progress reports, and enter grades)
  • which students have incompletes in their classes
  • financial information about their contracts and grants (on the new “PI Dashboard”)
  • approval notifications from research applications such as RAMSeS and ecrt
  • charging instructions for their salary
  • the most commonly-used links for teaching and research, as well as a place that faculty can add their own links to make the Faculty Portal even more useful.

What does this mean for you?

We know that as you work with faculty, you might begin hearing about the Faculty Portal and we wanted to make sure that you had resources available to help support them.  We have created a quick-start guide that explains how to use the Faculty Portal, plus a Faculty page on ccinfo.unc.edu.

We will be turning the Faculty Portal on in phases, notifying a group of faculty members a few days before they see it in ConnectCarolina.  This staggered rollout allows us to have more focused resources for support in case it’s needed.

Some faculty members have additional access to Finance, HR, or Student Administration options that aren’t currently available on the Faculty Portal or they need access to accessibility resources. We won’t be able to turn on the Faculty Portal for them at this time, but we are working towards the goal of all faculty members being able to use the Faculty Portal.  These faculty members are receiving a separate message letting them know that while they may hear about the Faculty Portal being rolled out, they aren’t able to receive it at this time.

As always, give the Service Desk a call if you have any questions or concerns about the Faculty Portal.


The ConnectCarolina Team

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