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To: University Business Managers
From: Jim Clinton, Auxiliary Services
Date: January 7, 2016

Please be aware that if you receive calls from individuals attempting to sell you toner for your copiers, you should not place an order with them or do business with them in any way. Carolina Managed Print Services (formerly Carolina Copy) provides all the toner for campus copiers as part of its service agreement, and callers attempting to get you to purchase from them are not Carolina Managed Print Services or University employees. Callers can be very convincing and may know details about your department or the type of copier you use, so please be alert.

During this first week of the New Year, at least one department has already been contacted by an individual named “John” claiming to be from a business named Internal Business Systems. This caller stated that toner cartridges are ready to be shipped to the department every four months at more than $300 apiece.

Be assured Carolina Managed Print Services will not cold call you asking you to purchase toner or supplies.

Carolina Managed Print Services technicians visit copiers periodically to check on toner supply and will leave toner when needed. If you need to change the toner and do not have any in stock, please submit a ticket to Carolina Managed Print Services at

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Carolina Managed Print Services at 919-962-2799 or

Thank you.

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