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To:     Finance MOU Leads
University Business Managers
Finance Council Members
Finance Liaisons

From: Patricia Hennessey, Exec. Director, Continuous Improvement and Business Intelligence, Finance and Administration

Date: June 19, 2015

Need to know what reports will help you find your budget balances? Or which reports are best to use when reviewing grants?  The new Quick Reference Guide to Financial Reporting provides that information and more.

The guide is located on the ccinfo website: There is also a link on the Finance page of

The Quick Reference Guide to Financial Reporting is a comprehensive catalog of:

  • Available reports and where to find them (menu path) for both InfoPorte and PS Query reporting tools
  • Descriptions of the information each report contains
  • What the report helps you do
  • Available training on using the report

Use the “Take me directly to” dropdown box to go straight to one of the report categories; be sure to hit the “submit” button after making your selection. You can also search the entire catalog using the “search” box right above the catalog.

The webpage also provides FAQs, key terms, and an online form to submit reporting questions, feedback and suggestions.  A PDF version of the guide is also available to print.

This guide was created to meet campus requests for a quick way to find and use reports for specific needs. It will be updated as new reports are added.

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