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Sent on behalf of Campus Health Services:

Subject: RA/TA Health Insurance Requirements and the Student Blue Mandatory Plan

Date: January 29, 2014

If your department employs a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant (RA/TA) who is enrolled in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP), they need to be aware that they must waive out of the Student Blue Mandatory Health Insurance. Unless they waive, Graduate students will be enrolled in both health insurance plans.

Each semester a charge will appear on their University accounts as: Student Health Insurance – $802.00. Your RA/TA may have already waived out if they were in your employment during the Fall 2014 semester. If you have hired a new RA/TA for this Spring semester, it is important that they know to waive out of the Student Blue Mandatory plan.

The spring waiver deadline is January 30, 2015!

Important Notes for RA/TA/Fellows

  • The UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate Student Blue Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP) is a separate insurance plan from the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan (Mandatory). Graduate Students with RA/TA status must be enrolled in GSHIP through their department program manager. Enrollment in the Mandatory plan is automatic on January 30, 2015 unless the student waives out.
  • Students with the GSHIP Plan must WAIVE out of the Mandatory Plan by submitting an online waiver using their UNC-Chapel Hill GSHIP information. Waivers are only submitted online to for verification. An approved waiver is required for each semester. Without an approved waiver, all students will be responsible for the Student Health Insurance Premium of $802.00.

If you have a RA/TA that will be a late GSHIP enrollee you can contact Campus Health Services (919-966-6599 or 919-966-6550) and we can help with waivers for these students. If students have questions regarding WAIVE or ENROLL, they can also contact us for help.

Additional information is available online at Campus Health Services or by contacting BCBS at or calling 888-351-8283.

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