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To:     MOU Leads
University Business Managers
Finance TIPs

From: Martha Pendergrass, Director, Procurement Services

Date: October 7, 2014

As a follow up to information shared in the Oct. 6 ConnectCarolina Finance Daily Update, the email address for faxing Purchase Orders that originated in FRS and need to be received is now functional.  The following is complete information including the email address:

There is an issue with Receiving on POs entered that originated in FRS.  In ConnectCarolina, requestors can receive on any Purchase Order that began as a requisition in the ConnectCarolina system. For Purchase Orders that originated in FRS, and were manually entered with the original PO number beginning with ‘P’ or ‘W’, the receiving will need to be done by the buyer on the PO.

For this group of Purchase Orders, please navigate to Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Review PO Information>Purchase Orders and inquire on specific W or P Purchase Order. Print the screen, mark which lines need to be received as well as what Received Quantity or Received Amount should be if line not being received in full. Scan the marked up page and attach to an email to be sent to  After receipt of the scanned attachment, the appropriate buyer will be contacted to add the receipt in system.

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