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TO:    MOU Leads
University Business Managers
From: Janet Kelly-Scholle, Director, Finance Communications and Training

Date: October 6, 2014

As noted in the ConnectCarolina Daily Update on Friday, a communication is being sent this morning to all SPA (biweekly) employees regarding the biweekly payroll last Friday. A notice of the memo has also been sent to HR Officers and Secondary Contacts.  The note is below. Please let me know if you have any questions.

—message follows—

Oct. 3 Biweekly Paystubs

TO: All Biweekly Employees

FROM: Elizabeth C. (Betsi) Snipes, Director, UNC Payroll Services

On Friday, Oct. 3, the first paychecks were successfully issued from the new ConnectCarolina system.  Although employees were paid at the correct rate and for the correct number of hours, we noticed, as did some of you, that a few corrections are needed.  These issues will be resolved by the next biweekly payroll.

In a few isolated cases, parking deductions were incorrect; these will be corrected in the Oct. 17 biweekly paycheck. In addition, there are some items related to the paystub that are incorrect and will be adjusted:

  • The message in the email notification sent to all employees included incorrect navigation to view the paystub. Employees can view their paystub at any time by going to and logging in with their Onyen and password, then selecting SelfService > View Paycheck.
  • For all employees, leave hours shown are incorrect. All leave balances and accruals are correct in TIM and can be confirmed there.
  • For non-exempt (hourly paid) employees, the total amount paid was correct. The regular hours displayed on the paystub do not reflect vacation hours, bonus leave, sick leave, or hours worked in a week where overtime was worked. In addition, the overtime hours are not displayed. Again, the paychecks are correct, but the hours displayed were not complete.

For more information about paystubs in ConnectCarolina, visit This link provides directions to view your paystub (including a five-minute online video) and details on the minor differences between paystubs in ConnectCarolina and the previous payroll system.

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