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To:      University Business Managers
Finance Staff
From:  IT Infrastructure and Operations (ITS)
Date: March 4, 2013

ePrint is a report repository where HR and Finance offices across campus can view reports on-line.  Some of the reports have sensitive data that need to be protected.  ITS Security has recommended that access to ePrint be limited to on-campus (wired and wireless) and any off-campus use must be through VPN (Virtual Private Network).  This change will happen Thursday evening, March 7.

VPN provides an encrypted connection from outside networks or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to the UNC-Chapel Hill internal network. UNC has installed a Cisco VPN concentrator that allows authorized users to access network resources from off campus using an ISP dial-in, DSL or cable modem service with Onyen authentication. You can work securely, just as if you were physically on campus.  Here is information on VPN:

Work with your local IT support person to get VPN installed on your laptop or home computer if you need to access ePrint from off campus locations.

For more information, contact the Help Desk: or 919-962-HELP (962-4357)

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