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To:       University Business Managers
Finance Division Staff
RASG Listserv

From:  Kevin Seitz, AVC for Finance

Date:  February 17, 2012

Big changes are coming to the University’s financial systems as the ConnectCarolina project implements PeopleSoft Financials. All staff who work with financial systems are encouraged to attend the upcoming ConnectCarolina Finance Town Hall:

ConnectCarolina Finance Town Hall Meeting
Wednesday, Feb. 29th
2-3:30 PM
Carroll Hall Auditorium
Room 111

At the town hall meeting, you will learn:

  • How PeopleSoft is being used to build a new Finance system for campus.
  • What you can do to stay informed and involved.
  • When the changes will take place and how to prepare.
Presenters at the Feb. 29 Town Hall will be:
  • Bruce Carney, Provost
  • Karol Gray, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration
  • Larry Conrad, Vice Chancellor for ITS & CIO
  • Kevin Seitz, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
  • Jerri Bland, Executive Director for Enterprise Applications, ITS
  • Don Hepp, Senior Director, HR and Finance Applications, ITS
  • Members of the Finance implementation team

This event is sponsored by the Finance Division and ITS. It is open to everyone, although it will be of special interest to those who use the existing financial systems. There is no registration required.  Questions are welcome.

(Note that a similar event will be held for the HR/Payroll implementation sometime in late spring/early summer. This one is specifically for those who work with current financial systems.)

ConnectCarolina will be a fully integrated administrative system using the PeopleSoft software for Campus Solutions (Student), Finance and HR/Payroll.

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