Budget, Planning and Analysis plays a key role in the management of the University’s state funds, Facilities and Administrative (F&A) funds. We serve as a liaison between campus and the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management to manage the overall University state funds budget.

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Budget Journals and Budget Transfers training

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Fringe Benefits

Policy 903 – Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefit Rates for FY 2019-20

Fringe Rates for Calculating State Benefit Costs

Social Security 515100 7.65% up to $132,900
Medicare 1.45% over $132,900
State Retirement 515200 19.70%
TIAA Retirement 515400 13.41%
Law Enforcement Officers Retirement 515300 24.70%
Medical Insurance PPO 515500 $6,306

Average Teaching Salary/Average SHRA Salary for 2016-17

Academic Affairs 16020 EHRA $102,430
Academic Affairs 16020 SHRA $50,700
Health Affairs 16021 EHRA $125,834
Health Affairs 16021 SHRA $43,030
AHEC 16022 SHRA $53,402

For Sponsored Research Fringe Benefit Rates: See the Office of Sponsored Research.

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