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Effective July 1, 2024, the University is using PaymentWorks as our vendor/supplier registration and onboarding platform. New and existing University vendors/suppliers are required to register and create and maintain a profile in PaymentWorks to do business with the University and receive payments.

To learn more, visit PaymentWorks – How it Works.

Training and Resources


What do we do if an existing supplier that is not yet in PaymentWorks needs to have an update made to their information?
Any existing supplier that needs to be updated will need to have an invitation sent via PaymentWorks.
Does the name on a PaymentWorks invitation need to match the W-9?
No, as the department does not have the W-9 they will not be able to verify the exact name on the W-9, so slight variations are fine.
When issuing an invitation, do both the business name and contact name need to be filled out?
A contact name is required and a business name is optional.
Do departments need to collect W-9 and banking information?
No, this information is collected via PaymentWorks through a secure process.
Do departments need to verify banking information?
No, PaymentWorks verifies banking information as part of the onboarding process.
Is the foreign vendor process changing?
Yes, foreign vendors will now be onboarded through PaymentWorks.
What if an invitation is submitted and the vendor email needs to be updated?
Contact to reject the invitation.
What if the person I sent the invitation to is not the correct contact for completing the New Vendor Registration (NVR)?
The individual can forward the invitation to the correct person in their organization.
Do PaymentWorks invitations expire?
No, if an invitation is no longer needed, please contact
What is the expected turnaround time for supplier onboarding?
Onboarding time will vary depending on how long it takes for the supplier to submit a correct NVR. Once a correct NVR is submitted, turnaround time will be two to three days.
Is there a way for University users to see what the supplier sees in PaymentWorks?
No, because PaymentWorks is a secure portal, only the PaymentWorks user can see their information in the platform.
Who can a supplier contact if they need assistance registering in PaymentWorks?
Suppliers should contact the PaymentWorks Support Center.
Does the move to PaymentWorks change the invoice process?
No, departments will still need to work with suppliers to receive invoices and submit via the appropriate process.
Does the move to PaymentWorks change how vendors are paid?
No, payment terms are still Net 30 and pay cycles are not changing.
What if a supplier that is connected in PaymentWorks needs to update their supplier information?
The supplier should login to PaymentWorks and submit an update.

Registering as a UNC-Chapel Hill Vendor/Supplier

Vendors will receive an invitation to register with PaymentWorks and complete the New Vendor Registration Form (NVR). If you have been invited and have not seen an email, please check your email spam folder. It is important to use the invitation link to begin registration for UNC-Chapel Hill PaymentWorks. If you are not the right person to complete the registration, forward the email to the appropriate contact at your organization.

  1. Use the PaymentWorks invitation link to begin registration.
  2. On the PaymentWorks page, click Join Now.
  3. Complete all Payees (Suppliers) fields to create a PaymentWorks account.
  4. Click to agree to Terms of Service and Join Now.
  5. You will receive a second email asking you to verify your email and complete registration.
  6. Sign into your account to begin completion of the New Vendor Registration (NVR).
  7. The NVR allows you to:
    • Enter business details such as address, tax, banking, insurance, etc.
    • Update UNC-Chapel Hill specific information with any future changes.

NOTE: If you already have a PaymentWorks account but are not connected to UNC-Chapel Hill, you must still be invited by UNC-Chapel Hill to connect. After receiving the invitation, you will need to complete all required fields on the NVR, including UNC-Chapel Hill specific information.

Suppliers who need assistance in registering with PaymentWorks should contact the PaymentWorks Support Center.