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Rental Car

  • Before renting, consider other methods of ground transportation which may be less expensive such as: airport shuttles to and from hotels, taxis, rideshares, etc.
  • Effective Jan. 1, 2019, University travelers are encouraged to use the state contract with EHI Direct (Enterprise) for their rental vehicle needs. Reservations may be made online via Concur Travel or directly with the University’s Authorized Travel Agency, World Travel, Inc. T&E Card Accountholders should provide their card for payment. Non-T&E Card Accountholders will book on their personal credit cards and submit for reimbursement.
  • If a personal vehicle is used, see the Travel Allowances, Mileage and Per Diem Rates for mileage reimbursement rates.
  • Select the size of the vehicle that is appropriate for the number of passengers or the amount of baggage. Do not accept “upgrades” or insurance (for domestic travel) unless the price will remain the same. Insurance is included in the University’s rental agreement for domestic travel. See Travel Guide for more information about international travel, including car insurance.
  • Return the car to the same location, if possible, to avoid drop-off charges.
  • Fill the gas tank before returning the car. Rental companies levy a charge for refueling, generally far more than the price of gas.
  • Please refer to 1501 – Policy on Business Travel for more details on vehicle rentals.


  • The University will support the cost of economy class rail. Use of business class rail is permitted on unrestricted accounts, when use of business class is necessary to ensure a seat reservation (e.g., Amtrak). Please refer to 1501 – Policy on Business Travel for more details on rail transportation.

Uber (Coming Soon)

UNC-Chapel Hill has partnered with Uber to assist with work-related travel and expense processing for selected employees conducting University business travel. Employees must review the Employee Onboarding Guide for details on how to set up an account. By creating an in-app UNC-Chapel Hill profile, selected UNC Employees may setup a credit card specifically for UNC-Chapel Hill Business travel. E-receipts and transactions details will then forward immediately into your Concur profile for ease of reconciliation. Please note this Uber option for the University is NOT for personal Uber use.

Transportation by Other Means

  • Taxis, rideshares (e.g. Uber, Lyft), car services and shuttles may be used as transportation for business purposes. T&E Card Accountholders should charge these costs to their cards and maintain all receipts. Requests for reimbursement of taxi fares should identify each trip by point of origin, destination, and purpose.
  • Employees should not upgrade rideshare vehicles.
  • Please refer to 1501 – Policy on Business Travel for more details on transportation by other means.