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Diners Club International

The university will be transitioning away from the Diner’s Club program as we roll out the new, individual Travel & Expense (T&E) Card provided by Bank of America.  As departments are issued T&E Cards, existing Diner’s Club Cardholders will be alerted regarding the upcoming cancellation of their card. Additional information regarding the new T&E Card is available on the Travel & Expense Card website.

Personal Responsibility

All charges placed on the Diners Club/MasterCard are the responsibility of the cardholder. Assuming timely submission of travel receipts by the department, the traveler will receive a reimbursement check for all allowable expenses from the University in enough time to make the payment to Diners before penalties are charged. Any non-allowable expenses will be the personal responsibility of the traveler.

A “Charge” Not Credit Card

Diners Club is a charge card not a credit card, and payment in full is expected within thirty (30) days. No fee is assessed if you do not pay within thirty (30) days. Essentially you are given sixty (60) days of float for charges without penalty. You only need to pay the “Past Due” amount on your statement, not the “Full Amount”. If the “Past Due” amount is not paid, a $30.00 late fee plus 2.5% of the outstanding balance is incurred.

Closing An Account

As this is a University-sponsored card, it must be relinquished when a person terminates employment. Please return the card to the Travel Team Leader at CB#1230 to close an account. Cards should be cut in half before placing in campus mail.