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The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is an annual report that has been generated for the past 26 years at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as an effort to provide accountability and transparency to the people of North Carolina and beyond concerning its fiduciary resources. In addition to the financial statements of the University, the document contains disclosures regarding investments, debt, revenues and expenses. This document includes: 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Cover

  • Net Assets by Component
  • Changes in Net Assets
  • Changes in Net Assets Adjusted for Inflation
  • Operating Expenses by function
  • Revenue Base
  • Annual Undergraduate Educational Costs per Student
  • Admissions, Enrollment, and Degrees Earned
  • Faculty and Staff Statistics


Former Reporting Model (pre-GASB 34)

Fiscal Years 1992 through 2001

  • Current Funds Expenditures by Function – PDF | Excel
  • Current Funds Revenues by Source – PDF | Excel
  • Summary of Ratios – PDF | Excel

2001: Current Funds Revenues and Expenditures – Peer Comparisons