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To: Campus Unit Financial Leads (CUFL)
From: Beau Jimmerson, Chief Procurement Officer and Executive Director of Operations

Effective June 2, 2021, COVID-19 restrictions on university related domestic travel are rescinded; pre-approval from the Chancellor or Provost is still required for all International travel.

In keeping with the Major Campus Unit Purchasing Guidelines, travel expenses require Campus Unit Finance Lead approval for all non-Sponsored Project Travel.  This includes conference registration expenses, whether in-person or remote.  Completion of the Purchase Approval Form is not required, however written approval from the Campus Unit Finance Lead will now be requested by Travel Services for all reimbursement requests from non-Sponsored Project funds.

This requirement will be enforced for all travel which began on or after June 2, 2021.  This approval requirement will migrate to Concur when that system is launched.

Notification of this change will be sent to the University Business Managers listserv and the Deans, Directors and Department Chairs listserv later today.