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To:  HR Council and Secondary Contacts, Campus Unit Finance Leads
From: Linc Butler, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources; Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services

This memo is to inform you of an amendment to the initial decision of how CDME onsite premium will be managed.  The University has decided to pay out CDME onsite premium earned and accrued as compensatory time during the period of April 1 until May 10, when the premium was available. CDME onsite compensatory time already taken as leave is not available for payout.

The TIM pay code “CDME OnSite Banked Payout” is now available for TIM Administrators to enter the remaining balances of compensatory time earned for payout. Detailed instructions on how to find employees with CDME OnSite Banked hours and how to enter this time will be sent to TIM Administrators shortly in a separate communication.

For biweekly employees, departments may begin entering the TIM payout pay code and hours in timecards for the B24, June 5, 2020, payroll.  This information should be entered no later than June 7, 2020, for payment in the B25, June 19, 2020, payroll, which is the last biweekly of fiscal year 19-20. For monthly employees, more guidance will be issued prior to May timecard sign off.

CDME mandatory premium pay will distribute to current departmental funding sources and use the specified CDME mandatory premium pay account. See April 21 memo for more details on the new accounts.

For questions related to the pay-out process, please contact Walter Miller. TIM Administrators can reach out to