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To: Campus Finance Unit Leads
From: Janet Kelly-Scholle, Assoc. Director, Marketing and Communications, Finance and Operations

We are excited to announce a new Campus Unit Finance Leads web page designed to help you access information, connect to resources and connect to each other. The idea for this page arose from conversations with our friends in ITS Change Management as well as meetings with some of you who shared great ideas. While most of the new online space is public facing, you will need to log in with your Onyen to access the following two sections:
• Archives of Campus Unit Finance Leads News. These emailed memos were sent only to CU Finance Leads (formerly MOU Leads) and were not sent to research or business manager listservs.
• The Campus Unit Finance Leads Office 365 Teams Site. As of Friday, May 31, 2019, all current Campus Unit Leads were added to this group to give you a separate space to share documents, instant message each other or even conduct polls with each other.
Other attributes on the page include:
• Bright Lines: a monthly inspirational quote
• Growth Spurts: newly available trainings and tools
• Policy, Procedure and Form Update News: quick recaps to keep you informed of policy changes
• Resources List: relevant web links, including a link to Business Manager listserv instructions and
• Microsoft Excel: UNC Yammer Feed by Alex Hoppe in Finance and Operations – Training Generalist Alex answers many questions from his classes and provides tips to share.
We hope this new online space is useful to you! If you have trouble accessing the page or the 365 site or you have comments about the new page, please reach out to me.