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Important W-2 Tax Return Document Notice

January 12, 2021

Your tax year 2020 Form W-2 is now available in the ConnectCarolina Self Service menu. Remember that 2-Step Verification is required to access your Form W-2.

Advance notice: W-4 tax form changes coming in 2020

November 12, 2019

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will update the Federal Form W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate. To comply with the form redesign, the University will need to update the current W-4 format in ConnectCarolina Self Service.

New Employees Should Check/Change Tax Withholding Forms Online

July 30, 2018

As fall hiring season is not far away, this is a reminder that new employees (including student employees) will need to act if they want to change their tax withholding from the default status. Verifying their state and federal tax withholding allowances should be done online using the Connect Carolina SelfService menu. Please advise them of the information below.

Upon hire, the federal and state tax withholding for all new employees is set to marital status = Single and number of personal allowances = 0 (zero). If an employee wants to claim Single and 0 (zero) for both federal and state tax allowances, the employee does not need to do anything. If the employee wants to claim something other than Single and 0 (zero), the employee will need to make the change online by accessing the employee’s federal and state of North Carolina income tax withholding forms (W-4 and NC-4 forms) through SelfService after the individual has ConnectCarolina access.

Update to Employee Moving Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedure

June 25, 2018

Based on legislation changes in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the University is making required changes to its moving expense reimbursements policy and procedure, effective July 1, 2018. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act no longer allows employers to provide moving expense reimbursements tax free, and no longer allows employees to deduct moving expenses.

[Formal Notice] A Follow Up to the Memo 2018 Federal Withholding Tax Changes and How They May Affect You

April 11, 2018

Beginning with the February 16, 2018, biweekly paycheck, all biweekly and monthly paychecks subject to federal tax withholdings reflect the 2018 federal tax withholding rates issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A Withholding Calculator can help employees estimate their 2018 annual income tax liability, and based on its recommendations, can help prevent too little or too much income tax from being withheld. The withholding calculator compares the annual income tax estimate to the employee’s current income tax withholding and can help them decide if they need to change their withholding. Employees using the calculator will find it helpful to have their completed 2017 tax return accessible and most recent paystub. Employees are also encouraged to contact their tax professional should they have questions on how to accurately complete the information contained on the withholding calculator.

2018 Tax Reform Changes

February 7, 2018

To:  MOU Financial Leads, University Business Managers, HR Officers and Secondary Contacts From:  Travis Henderson, Director of Procurement Services, Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services, Janet Rupert, Director of Travel and Disbursement Services We are writing to make you aware … Continued

Unrelated Business Income Tax Compliance Questionnaire 2017

February 5, 2018

To: MOU Financial Leads From: Beth McAndrew, Director of Financial Reporting & Management Services The Financial Reporting department of the University Controller’s Office is responsible for compiling unrelated business income revenue and expenses each fiscal year for inclusion on the … Continued

2017 W-2s for Active and Inactive Employees – Jan. 2018

January 29, 2018

To: University Business Managers, MOU Financial Leads, HR Officers and Secondary Contacts From: Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services 2017 Paper W-2s for ACTIVE employees will be available for pick up by the school/department’s designated staff member on Tuesday, Jan. … Continued