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UNC-Chapel Hill’s bond rating continues to be AAA — the highest rating — as designated by the Fitch Group, a leading credit agency.

In a May 6 news release, Fitch affirmed its top rating on general revenue bonds issued on behalf of the University by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors. Fitch described the University’s outlook as stable.

Among the key rating drivers listed by Fitch were Carolina’s “very strong student demand and selectivity,” “meaningful” research enterprise and “sustainable” endowment distribution.

“UNC-CH’s ‘AAA’ rating reflects its status as the state’s flagship public research university, exceptional demand characteristics, including very high student quality and selectivity, and very strong financial profile, bolstered by a recent track-record of sound operating margins,” the Fitch report said.

In addition, Fitch affirmed its highest rating of “F1+,” for short-term debt indicating the University’s liquidity and ability to meet short-term financial obligations.

UNC-Chapel Hill also maintains a AAA status with stable outlook by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service, with annual updates from these two agencies expected later this summer.

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