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Please welcome our new employees to our team!

Finance and Operations

Lindsay Farling, Executive Director of Finance Policy and Data Analysis

Lindsay Farling joined the Finance and Operations team on Nov. 7 as the new executive director of Finance Policy and Data Analysis. Formerly the vice president for Financial Planning and Analysis at the UNC System Office, she previously was responsible for the development and execution of the UNC System’s operating budget, the tuition and fees process, the enrollment funding model and system office business affairs.  In her new role, she will be increasing the University’s data and analytics capacity for the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations.

Lindsay is a native of North Carolina and has bachelor’s degrees in mathematics as well as biology from UNC-Chapel Hill, and earned her MBA at Elon University.  Before working at the UNC System Office, Lindsay worked for UNC-Chapel Hill between 2007-2012.

Accounts Payable and Vendor Services

Kawyn Armstrong, Vendor and Wire Transfer Technician

Kawyn Armstrong joined the Accounts Payable and Vendor Services team as of May 16.

A native of North Carolina, Kawyn earned an Associate of Science degree in business management and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Before coming to Carolina, Kawyn was a customer relations manager at Cisco Capital, where he was the first point of contact for any financial issues clients had with the service.  In addition, he was responsible for the end-to-end billing relationship of client portfolios, which included invoicing, collections, and posting of accounts receivable.

In his new role, Kawyn will be processing and approving purchase order vouchers as well as domestic and foreign wire transfers.

Briana Spruill, Vendor Tax Accountant

Briana Spruill joined the Accounts Payable and Vendor Services Team as a vendor tax accountant as of Nov. 14.

A native of North Carolina, Briana earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting at East Carolina University and will graduate this winter with her MBA from the same institution.

Formerly a budget resource coordinator at East Carolina University, Briana was responsible for hiring, onboarding, reviewing personnel matters of student employees for their assigned programs. She provided departmental support for other related administrative duties, such as reconciling daily deposits, invoice management, keying journal entries, departmental inventory, and preparing reports. In her new role in Accounts Payable and Vendor Services, she is responsible for the input of foreign vendors submitted by campus users or the independent contract coordinators, as well as reviews and approves foreign vendors added into the system. In addition, Briana oversees voucher approvals in the independent contractor queue, examining supporting documentation and updating tax withholding settings in regular voucher pages to reduce the number of manual adjustments needed monthly or annually.

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