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To: University Business Managers, Campus Unit Finance Leads, HR Managers
From: Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services and Stephanie Kidd, Payroll Manager

Beginning May 6, ConnectCarolina will now include an enhanced functionality feature that allows employees to view or print multiple paystubs at the same time.


Previously, employees accessed their paystubs through ConnectCarolina by signing on and clicking the drop-down Self-Service option at the top of their home screen.  Once on this screen, employees clicked the “My Pay and Taxes” tile, followed by the “View Paycheck” menu option on the left to access their paychecks.

From the “View Paycheck” screen, the employee would have to click each “View Paycheck” link to see or print the stub they were wishing to view/print and repeat this action for each stub they wanted to review.  There was no way to view or print multiple paystubs at the same time.

Paystub Screenshot

The Update

Now, the functionality has been enhanced so that employees still access their paychecks through ConnectCarolina in the same way, but once in the “View Paycheck” screen, they can choose to mass view/print by selecting one, several, or all of the boxes on the right “Print” Column to view or print and clicking the “Print” button.

Once this is done, the paychecks selected will pop up in the employee’s browser as a single PDF in a new tab, and this PDF will contain all the stubs that have been selected to view/print.

Paystub Screenshot

Printing All Documents

If the employee wants to print the complete history of their stubs, they may click the “Select All” radio button at the bottom of the paycheck grid, which will auto-check all the print boxes for each pay period.  Then, the employee can click “Print”, and the results will return in a new tab containing a PDF of the complete history of paychecks, beginning with the oldest and concluding with the newest.

Special Date Variations

A note on printing/accessing paychecks that were run between October 2014 – September 2017. Due to a redesign of the paystub beginning October 2017, paystubs run before this time will have a different look and flow. So, if an employee is trying to print out an entire history, they should expect to see two separate tabs open while the print-out is occurring:  one for the newer paychecks from October 2017 – present, and the second tab displaying the paychecks from October 2014 – September 2017.  Paystubs that were administrated before October 2014 are not available online, as payroll began its paystub access in ConnectCarolina on that date.

Special Check Variations

If the employee had an off-cycle check or manual check and they include it in their search criteria, there will be an additional tab to display stubs for these checks.  This means there is potential for four tabs to populate simultaneously:

  1. one tab for any regular check paid that is pre October 2017;
  2. one tab for any regular check paid that is during or post October 2017;
  3. one tab for any manual/off cycle check that is pre October 2017;
  4. one tab for any manual/off cycle check that is during or post October 2017.

Simply stated, do not be alarmed if several tabs launch upon printout: you may have up to four tabs launch, depending on what paystubs you are trying to print.

Should you have any further questions, please contact for additional assistance.

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