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The Department of Purchasing Services has recently updated 1232.1.1f – Customer Request for a Brand/Specific Waiver of Competition form to streamline the process and increase internal controls with our auditing process.  This new form includes space for 1,000 characters to include the statement of justification without having to submit a separate justification memo on department letterhead.  This page was created to give further instructions on filling out the new form.

  • In Section 1 – select one or more of the 18 reasons as to why the selected vendor or product is the only vendor/product capable of fulfilling this requirement.
  • In Section 2 – select the funding source – (State, Trust, or Contracts & Grants).
  • In Section 3 –  In the space provided, provide your justification which fully supports the selections in section 1.  This justification should adequately explain why competition is not available for the item or the extenuating circumstances requiring sole source procurement. The space provides up to 1,000 characters.  If your explanation goes longer, you may type “See Attached document” in this field and attach a Word Document with the full explanation.
  • In Section 4 – select one of the two options declaring if you or your spouse/partner have a conflict of interest or relationship with the vendor or not.

Sign and date the form and upload it into ConnectCarolina when you submit your requisition.

If you have questions, contact

Waiver of Competition Form Page 1 Screenshot
Waiver of Competition Form Page 2 Screenshot
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