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To: University Business Managers, Campus Unit Finance Leads
From: Rebecca Spanos, Travel and Payment Card Services Manager

As you may be aware, there is an ongoing shortage of rental cars across the United States.  University travelers are encouraged to book their rental cars needs as far in advance as possible for better availability.  However, travelers may find that rental car prices have increased significantly due to the difference between supply and demand.  Reservations may still be made via EHI Direct or by contacting the University’s authorized travel agency, World Travel Inc.

As a reminder, Policy 1504 on Transportation Expenses Including Mileage Rates requires travelers to use the least expensive method of ground transportation possible to meet their business needs.  Travelers are encouraged to use a state-owned or leased vehicle whenever possible.  If not available, travelers should determine the most economical means of transportation whether renting a car, driving their personal vehicle, or utilizing other services like taxis or ride-shares.

For questions on ground transportation, please contact the Travel Team.

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