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Please note: This message was sent to Campus Voucher Preparers earlier today.  We enclose it here FYI.

To:  Campus Voucher Preparers
From:  Janet Rupert, Director, and Justin Hanford, Voucher Supervisor, Accounts Payable and Vendor Services 

Beginning Aug. 1, 2021, payments for student stipends, scholarships, fellowships, awards or any other payments that directly benefit education-related expenses for undergraduate or graduate students will no longer be paid through Accounts Payable campus vouchers. These payments will be entered in GradStar, the University’s reporting system.

  • This includes chartfield accounts that begin with
  • Award accounts using number 569190 should be entered in GradStar, unless payment is for an award that is also open to faculty, staff or the public outside of the University.

Beverly Wyrick, director of finance and administration for the Graduate School, has announced the change in the memo Changes Coming to Student Payments.

The upcoming changes will affect student payments previously entered in Accounts Payable campus vouchers as well as all vouchers entered from this point forward. We are sending this now because vouchers created in Accounts Payable for payments due in August 2021 and later will be denied. Therefore, we advise against creating August vouchers for Accounts Payable student payments.  Please hold the requests until further information can be provided on the appropriate means of submission.

Vouchers for business expense reimbursements are still appropriate to pay through campus vouchers or travel, as applicable.

If you have questions, contact or

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