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To: Deans, Directors and Department Chairs; University Business Managers; Campus Unit Finance Leads
From: Rebecca Spanos, Travel and Payment Card Services Manager

The North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) has released an update to section 5.2.13 – Transportation by Personal Vehicle in the State Budget Manual.

For travel which occurs on or after April 1, 2021, when a personal vehicle must be used, mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS standard mileage rate regardless of the number of miles driven. As a reminder, the IRS standard mileage rate updated to 56 cents per mile effective Jan. 1, 2021. The 100-mile distinction has been removed along with the reduced mileage reimbursement rate. See Section 5 of the State Budget Manual for more information.

As a reminder, University travelers are encouraged to use a state-owned vehicle or leased vehicle through Fleet Services whenever possible. When such vehicle is not available, travelers should use the least expensive method of ground transportation to meet their business needs.

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