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Steve Agostini
Steve Agostini, UNC Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance and Budget

Budget discussions with campus units have been positive and we expect to wrap up the process by mid-November. Our goal is greater transparency, so all campus units can see what is happening with their financial resources moving forward. We want you to have clarity on what is going on at the administrative level.

As you are aware, there are serious budget challenges we’ve been working to strategically resolve, and I appreciate how everyone has been contributing to the conversation on how to address those challenges together. We’ve had productive follow-up discussions with campus units on their budget requests and our overall budget situation. I would like to recognize the difficult decisions that have already been implemented by several departments to help address some of their current financial challenges.

As we move forward to the year’s end, all units will need to continue tracking pandemic expenditures — as CARES, FEMA, and OSBM funds are being tracked centrally and audited by the Pandemic Recovery and Audit Committee.  In addition, we are reviewing both personnel and non-personnel expenditure requests.  I am looking at the pay files on a regular basis, as well as P-Card expenses, to ensure we are being thoughtful about what we are spending money on university-wide.

I remain cautiously optimistic as we round out the year and thank everyone for their continued carefulness and discretion in departmental spending.

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