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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

‘Administrative Absence’ in Biweekly 03, 7/20/20 – 8/2/20

  • From Monday, 7/20 to Friday, 7/31, ‘Administrative Absence’ hours for employees unable to telework or used to supplement eligible FFCRA hours may beentered for one-third hours.  e.g. on Monday, 7/20 an employee was unable to telework, Administrative Absence 2.7 hours and Vacation 5.3 hours were entered in TIM.
  • The FFCRA and Admin Leave Calculator July 1 assists with identifying the two-thirds FFCRA hours and when applicable, one-third ‘Administrative Absence’ as well as leave taken hours effective through July 31st and is attached.
  • As announced in the HR Formal Notice yesterday, starting on Saturday, August 1st, the ‘Administrative Absence’ pay code and hours may not be entered in timecards for employees unable to telework or to supplement FFCRA hours.

‘Administrative Absence’ Pay Code Timeframes and Coverage

March 16 – May 31
June 1 – June 30
two-thirds hours
July 1 – July 31
one-third hours
Starting August 1
no coverage

AA- Elder Care’ is a separate pay code that is used when an employee is unavailable to work during scheduled hours due to providing elder care.  It continues to be available at two-thirds hours and is subject to the same terms and limitations as the FFCRA child care leave.

Temporary TIM Access Ending July 31

EHRA Post Docs, Graduate Students, and 9 Month Faculty employees were granted temporary access to TIM in order to record their Administrative Absence hours for reporting purposes.  Their access to TIM will be removed effective August 1, 2020. Their timecards from March 16 – July 31 will still appear in Managers and TIM Administrators’ lists in TIM.

The University is reporting all Administrative Absence hours taken to the UNC System Office. The amount of leave reported could impact University funding, so it is important that ALL Administrative Absence hours taken by employees from March 16 through July 31 are recorded in TIM.  If needed, please refer to the Administrative Absence timeframes and coverages mentioned above.

  • NOTE- Administrative Absence hours taken by all Permanent and Temporary EHRA employees through July 31 must be recorded in TIM by the EHRA sign off deadline at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 15.

*Important Reminder- all hours worked and leave taken must be entered in timecards in tenths of an hour, e.g. 5.3 hours.

Information about new Aug. 1 provisions, Community Service Leave and new COVID-19 pay code, will be emailed to TIM Administrators next week.

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