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Top Issues

REMINDER! Fiscal Year-End Closing Date and Procedures: Remember that there is not one month-end close date for June, but rather there are a series of month-and year-end close dates.

Journal entries not approved by departments and the Office of Sponsored Research (when applicable) by the June 25 deadline will be deleted.  See the April 28 memo and the 2020 Fiscal Year End Web Page for details.

NEW! May Month-End Close: Central offices have officially closed for the month of May. This includes the transmission and reconciliation of all May transactions, and state approval to close the month.

NEW! GSHIP Summer Updates: The enrollment process for the 2020-21 Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP) is underway and should be completed no later than September 30. The 2020-21 policy year is from August 1, 2020 through July 31, 2021; the fall waiver deadline is September 10, 2020 and the spring waiver deadline is January 31, 2021. For more information on who qualifies and the rates, see the initial enrollment memo; for information on enrollment updates and students’ access to their information and cards, see the June 12 memo.

NEW! Student FICA Exemption Reminder: In order to be exempt from having FICA taxes withheld on payroll wages per Policy 1111 – Student Employee FICA Exemption, student employees must be enrolled at least half-time in coursework during the compensated pay period.  Please note that being in a student job code is not sufficient to qualify for the FICA exemption. See the June 2 memo.

NEW! Updated Campus Deposit Guidance: To ensure that campus maintains compliance with its weekly deposit requirements while mandating protocols on physical distancing, see the June 12 memo for details.

NEW! Safely Updating Vendor Accounts: As more vendors are updating their ACH information, it is critical to validate vendor bank accounts by communicating verbally (in person or by telephone) with a known contact, especially as UNC has recently been a target for phishing or fraud.  See the June 15 memo for details on how to verify your source.

REMINDER! Subscribing to Business Managers listserv: Finance and accounting personnel who would like to subscribe to the business managers listserv can do so by following the instructions at


For questions and support, users should utilize ServiceNow, the new system campus is using to track support and service requests. This is the fastest way to obtain assistance and allows the project team to be able to track issues to determine the scale of the impact to all users.  Go to the ServiceNow Help Page at or call 919-962-HELP for assistance.

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