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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

Special Leave Provision Changes Effective June 1

The ‘COVID-19 and TIM Update June 3rd document is attached.  It provides information about the Special Leave Provision changes effective June 1 that affect the second week of the current pay period, Biweekly 25, June 1 – June 7 and that will be signed off next week at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9.

Reminder- Payout CDME Onsite Banked Hours Due

All CDME onsite banked hours must be paid out in employee timecards in Biweekly 25, 5/25 – 6/7.  Employees designated as CDME mandatory onsite in ConnectCarolina were eligible to receive CDME OnSite Banked (.5) premium for hours worked onsite between April 1 and May 10th.

Note– If an employee was not designated as Mandatory Onsite in ConnectCarolina until after the April deadline, the ‘CDME OnSite Banked’ accrual may not have appeared in their timecard accruals on some earlier dates worked.  In this situation, you may need to enter a historical correction with the ‘CDME OnSite Banked- Regular’ pay code and the amount of hours that were worked before the ‘CDME OnSite Banked’ accrual appeared in the employee’s timecard before paying out the hours.  Enter the amount of hours worked of the earlier dates, the .5 rate will be applied to the hours automatically.  Banked hours are not sent to Payroll, so you do not need to change the setting for this correction on the HC Accrual Adj tab.

Instructions on how to find employees with CDME OnSite Banked hours, identify balances, and payout hours in TIM, ‘Paying Out CDME OnSite Banked Hours in TIM’ are attached.

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