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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

Biweekly 24 Sign Off Deadline Extension

The sign off deadline for Biweekly 24 (5/11 to 5/24) has been extended to 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 27.  Please submit sign off removal requests by 9 a.m.  Any timecards that have not been signed off by 10 a.m. on Wednesday will be signed off by Payroll.

CDME Onsite Banked Hours Payout

Please review the attached memo, ‘CDME Payout Memo 5-22-20’.  It provides new guidance about paying out CDME OnSite Banked hours in TIM.  The instructions on how to find employees with CDME OnSite Banked hours, identify their balances, and payout their hours in TIM are attached, Paying Out CDME OnSite Banked Hours in TIM’.  The deadline for all hours to be paid out is not until the end of Biweekly 25, on June 7th.  These instructions are being provided now in case you would like to go ahead and pay out some or all balances in Biweekly 24.

Reminder– CDME OnSite premium hours could no longer be given to employees starting on Sunday, May 10.


The ‘FFCRA TIM’ slides reviewed in the FFCRA training this afternoon are attached.  Please review the FFCRA policy information on the benefits website, and the FFCRA fact sheet and FAQs,

The ‘TIM FFCRA Calculator’ is attached for your use.  Instructions and additional information about the calculator are located on the second and third worksheets in the TIM FFCRA Calculator.

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