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To: Campus Unit Finance Leads, University Business Managers, Travel Preparers

From: Rebecca Spanos, Manager, Travel and Payment Card Services

As a reminder, the University is continuing to prohibit University-affiliated travel outside the State of North Carolina.  Per the University’s coronavirus website, the point in time when the University’s prohibitions and restrictions on travel will end has not yet been determined.

If you have upcoming university-related travel that needs to be canceled or postponed, please ensure you are reaching out to the airlines, travel agencies, hotels, etc. in advance of your trip.

  • Any airline ticket that is not canceled prior to the departure date will not be eligible for a credit
    • While the airlines are not refunding all canceled tickets, they have been relaxing their cancellation policies
    • You may be entitled to a change fee waiver so that your trip can be rebooked or the funds can be reused in full
  • For upcoming hotel stays, please ensure you are familiar with the cancellation policy for your reservation
    • Some reservations may simply need to be canceled by the date of arrival, while others may have more strict cancellation deadlines

For questions regarding reimbursements in relation to COVID-19, please visit the Travel Services website and refer to our Coronavirus Q&A.

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