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Rod SmithI’m aware that everyone is reading through a lot of information these days and that you’re having to adjust to doing business a new way, so I will be succinct.  I want to remind folks to not let your guard down.  We must ensure that we’re following and adhering to policies, rules, regulations and laws.  This is especially important for purchases, transactions, time reporting, and protecting University property & sensitive data.  I know for certain that I’m working hard to adapt to our new way of doing business.  I’ve always prepared and planned for adjustments and I’m able to respond quickly.  I have implemented various monitoring programs to ensure we continue to do things the Carolina Way, which is the Right Way!

Managers, you must review business and transaction needs and support to ensure that they’re appropriate.  In addition, be sure that items purchased are necessary – we must be wise with our spending.  Reviewers, if you are not able to capture and review necessary transaction support, and/or you have concerns, be sure to inform your supervisor or the appropriate department so that they can address those matters quickly.  And be sure to review employees’ time reported to make sure folks are reporting that correctly.

Lastly, there are more folks than ever working remote; therefore, we must ensure we’re protecting University property and sensitive data.  Sensitive data is extremely vulnerable during times like this.  Again, do not let your guard down.

I wish each and everyone of you much happiness and extremely great health.

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