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In response to the large section of the workforce that has been forced to work from home due to COVID-19, Procurement Services has worked out an arrangement with a few vital campus vendors to provide equipment and supplies to home addresses. The extensive catalogs provided by these vendors should meet the majority of the home office needs for our campus community. While many prefer to utilize Amazon Business, Amazon is not capable of providing the ability to modify shipping addresses.

The linked documents will provide you detailed instruction for CDWG and Staples, but here is a quick overview of offerings:

IT Peripheral Devices

CDW-G: Buyers will place their orders as normal through the eProcurement punchout in ConnectCarolina and pass the PO# and desired shipping address to a CDW-G representative who will modify the address on their end.

Office Supplies

Staples: Buyers will purchase via ePro. During the checkout process, you will need to change your Ship_To address to Staples_HD and change the “Attention to” to the person it is going to, which will flag it in the system. You will then be contacted by a Staples customer service rep to provide your home address.

CCI Computers

Lenovo: Buyers will continue to place orders via E-PRO for all Lenovo machines.  Twice weekly, Cat Ruby will contact the buyer on each order to determine whether the order needs to be shipped to an alternate address or held until the University returns to normal operations.  Please note that only standard CCI machines come pre-loaded with the University standard software image.  Any custom configuration will require imaging by University IT services.

Starting 4/20/2020, for Lenovo orders, please change the Ship To to “LENOVO_HD” and change the Attention To to the person it is going to.

NOTE: These vendors will NOT charge you shipping or sales tax. Please make these vendors your first line choice for supplies.
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