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To:  University Business Managers, Campus Unit Finance Leads, Res_Info Listserv
From:  Ammar Yameen, Director of ePro and Materials Management

As of today, the University continues to be open and operational. This memo is to alert you of changes in procedures for the deliveries in case the University reduces operations. We will continue to send updates as situations change, so please be alert for follow-up emails.

Gas and Ice Orders

For dry ice and gas cylinder deliveries, our ePro suppliers (Airgas and Arc3 Gases) are open for business. For orders that will require special access while the doors are locked, it is critical that you include contact information about how you can be reached in the comment section of your order. The delivery person will call you to coordinate entry to buildings/rooms.

Note the following delivery options and hours of operation during reduced operations or closure:


Airgas will deliver gas cylinders every day, for dry ice, will continue as scheduled. If you want to suspend dry ice delivery, you must call or email Airgas.

For fast track requests, email or, or phone 919-544-3772, ext. 311.  For dry ice, email or contact , or call 919-544-9699.

If you are requesting pick up cylinder WITHOUT a replenishment order, email your building, room number and barcodes to

ARC3 Gases

ARC3 will deliver gas cylinders every day. If you have any questions, you may contact Michael Banks at or at 336-690-9541.

Other Supplies


As of today, Staples employees are conducting business as usual but are working with extra precaution.

Fisher Scientific/Life Technologies

Deliveries will continue.  All merchandise that comes from the University Storeroom will be routed to other distribution centers and delivered by FedEx/UPS or Fisher’s drivers. Once you place your order, please email Fisher at and let them know if the building is locked down. They will need to know a contact name and phone number to coordinate delivery.

For Ethanol and high volume refrigerated Life Technologies products
Consider purchasing materials now to avoid any disruption.

Amazon Business

Please bear in mind that the delivery may take longer than usual, plan accordingly.

VWR International

As of today, VWR will continue to operate the Chemistry Storeroom without reduction in services.

For All Suppliers

If delivery is needed and the University operations are reduced, the department should provide the supplier with access to their building and room so the delivery can be made. The easiest way to provide access is to put a contact name and phone number on the order in the comment section, and check “Send to Supplier” at the time of order placement.  A representative will then call to make delivery arrangements. It is highly recommended to contact the vendor by email/phone to confirm the delivery arrangement.

Please keep in mind that deliveries could be delayed due to staff working remotely. You may need to pick up your items from your building mailbox.

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