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Top Issues

NEW! January Month-End Close Deadline: Validated campus journal entries and data collect batches (journal imports) should be received by Accounting Services by close of business (5 p.m.) on Friday, January 31 (note the earlier time is due to the holiday break). Please remember that accounting will not receive the journal entries until the journal has been budget checked valid and has passed through all required approvals (including OSR, if necessary).

For details on month-end close procedures, see the Accounting Services webpage. Bookmark this page to see the latest info in between updates.

NEW! December Month-End Close: Central offices have officially closed for the month of December.  This includes the transmission and reconciliation of all December transactions, and state approval to close the month.

NEW! Campus Journal Attachments: Starting January 17th attachments will be required for campus journals.  If you don’t have an attachment, the system prevents your campus journal from being submitted.

NEW! 2019 W-2 Tax Form Available: Your tax year 2019 Form W-2 is now available in the ConnectCarolina Self Service menu. Remember that 2-Step Verification is required to access your Form W-2.  For new modifications to this year’s W-2 and to find out the best way to print them, see the January 13 memo.

NEW! Self Service W-4 and NC-4 Back Online and Available: The W-4 and NC-4 tax withholding forms in ConnectCarolina Self Service have been updated to reflect recent IRS changes. If an update is needed, employees may resume submitting Federal W-4s and NC-4 state tax forms through ConnectCarolina Self Service. For information on how to update, see the January 13 memo.

NEW! 2020 Travel Mileage Updates: Effective January 1, 2020, the allowable business standard mileage rate is 57.5 cents per mile for trips that do not exceed 100 miles.  For trips that exceed 100 miles per round trip, the rate of reimbursement is 33 cents per mile. For more information and FAQs, see the January 15 memo.

REMINDER! Subscribing to Business Managers listserv: Finance and accounting personnel who would like to subscribe to the business managers listserv can do so by following the instructions at


For questions and support, users should utilize ServiceNow, the new system campus is using to track support and service requests. This is the fastest way to obtain assistance and allows the project team to be able to track issues to determine the scale of the impact to all users.  Go to the ServiceNow Help Page at or call 919-962-HELP for assistance.

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