To: University and UNC System Office Employees
From: Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services

Dear University or UNC System Office Employee,

Your tax year 2019 Form W-2 is now available in the ConnectCarolina Self Service menu. Remember that 2-Step Verification is required to access your Form W-2.

For the 2019 W-2, several informational-only items previously included in Box 14 have not been included for tax year 2019. These informational-only items are available on employee paystubs and are not needed for employees to file taxes.

When printing Self Service W-2, the recommended browsers are listed at However, some users experience issues when trying to print the Self Service W-2 directly from Firefox.  When using Firefox, either download to PDF first and then print or use one of the other browsers from the recommended link above.

Employees who have not opted out of receiving paper 2019 W-2s will receive a printed W-2 for tax year 2019 by January 31, 2020.

W-2 questions or problems?

W-4 and NC-4 Self Service also available

As messaged in December 2019, the Federal Form W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate underwent a significant revision effective January 1, 2020. The W-4 and NC-4 tax withholding forms in ConnectCarolina Self Service have been updated to reflect the recent changes. Employees may resume submitting Federal W-4s and NC-4 state tax forms through ConnectCarolina Self Service. As a reminder, action is not required for employees with existing tax forms unless you need to submit a new W-4 or NC-4 or you need to make changes to the W-4 or NC-4 form. A Job Aid on how to use the Self Service functionality is available at

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