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To:  University Business Managers, Campus Financial Unit Leads, RASG
From:  Janet Rupert, Director of Accounts Payable and Travel Services

Recently, we’ve had an increase of errors in the voucher payment process with campus users selecting the wrong supplier ID. Selecting the wrong supplier ID results in payments that may not be recovered and this financially impacts both the University and department.  We want to remind and encourage campus to use the Review Supplier page before creating a campus voucher to avoid selecting an incorrect supplier when paying employees, students and affiliates.  Using the Review Supplier system is the primary resource that campus can use to research existing supplier information and verify whether a supplier already exists in the system.

For details on the best process, see our new Quick Reference Card (QRC) Creating a Campus Voucher to Pay in Individual with a PID, available at

If there are no results returned by looking up their PID, then a supplier will need to be created in the system.  Thank you for updating your procedures when creating a voucher.

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